Our Aim


  1. Do no harm’’ and deliver ethical based primary care, putting the patients care first to day and night, round the clock for patients of any age and the entire family.
  2. Individualised patient care with personal attention reflects close collaboration of our reception desk, nursing staff and the physician who are striving to improve our quality.
  3. Our physicians and nurses are recognized for their compassion, experience, knowledge and commitment to deliver their best to everyone.
  4. We are committed to educate ourselves & our patients for safe and healthy community.
  5. We always endure to incorporate the best possible technology available within our resources to deliver the best possible care through F2F, Audio and Video consultation all day & night.
  6. We strive for the long-term relationships, built on trust and mutual respect, believing in disease prevention rather than treatment. Therefore, always promoting & adopting the healthy life-styles for all including children, adolescents, parents and extended family.
  7.  We try our level best to deliver an efficient, cost-effective patient care for all ages, throughout the times of illness & health.
  8. Our philosophy is shared by all our staff, from the front desk to the care physician. 

Vision Statements:

  1. Being the doctor as well as parents, we can understand a positive physician experience means to you and giving you the individual attention and gentle care, makes us happy. We personally invite you to experience the service worth smiling about.​
  2. We love to look after the community to improve the health of our community and their families.
  3. We are proud of on our role of liaising between the patient and the Hospital physician for reducing their work load and lining up further investigation if required and referring the patients to relevant health care provider for their expert opinion and further management plan in the best interest of the patients and their families. 

Value Statement:

Our services are established by visionary team heads who believe in the fundamental values of primary care service:​

  • Quality. We maintain the quality of care, monitoring the outcome improvement.
  • Innovation. We deliver ethical, quality oriented change and encouraging the invention or intervention for more efficient ways to achieve our goals.
  • Teamwork. We collaborate and share our knowledge for the benefit of the patients and fellow caregivers for the steady progression of our mission.
  • Service. We love to meet the expectation of our patients’ for their comfort & convenience.
  • Integrity. We adhere to high moral principles, hold the professional standards by providing the committed care with trust, honesty, and respect without interfering with the transparency and confidentiality of the patients and their families.
  • Compassion. We demonstrate our commitment to quality care by providing a supportive environment for our patients, their families and fellow caregivers.
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