Step 1: Select the type of consultation required:

    • Face to face consult
    • Remote Video consult
    • Remote Phone consult

Step 2:  Ring the provided phone number or visit the website and fill in the appointment request form providing the information:

    • Callers name, relation with patients and address with eirecode.
    • Patient’s name, date of birth and full address with eirecode.
    • Contact number for the return call after triage by nurse/doctor
    • Name and contact details of patient’s own GP (in any)
    • Method of payment & details (if paying by cash/credit/debit card)
    • Brief summary of the patient’s symptoms including:
    • Symptoms, onset if symptom, location of symptoms and its characteristics
    • Aggravating factors & relieving factors
    • Allergy information
    • Past medical history
    • Current medications (if any)

Step 3:  A nurse or doctor will assess your medical needs. On the basis of your symptoms related information provided, a nurse / doctor will determine the appropriate course of action for the patient and type of consultation required to meet your need which may be:

    • Nurse advice
    • Doctor advice
    • Treatment center appointment
    • Home visit
    • A&E Service

Step 4:  Informed about the type of consultation required, time slot booked for the consultation.

Step 5:  After completion of the consult, issued with prescription which need to be filled up by the pharmacy of your choice.

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